Monday, February 18, 2019
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What is DDP?

DDP stands for Delivered Duty paid. A DDP delivery characteristically means that the vendor is entirely responsible for the goods prior to their arrival at the indicated location or place. All expenses and risks related with conveyance, along with difficulties in duty establishment, custom go-aheads and taxes are all crucial and are required to be borne by the seller.

Why NH Logistics?

NH Logistics has many years of contribution in treatment of shipments by dissipating the custom and other authorized complications involved. Therefore, trusting the total DDP with NH logistics will not only confirm a positive shipment but also a disturbance free delivery.

DDP & NH Logistics

Predominantly dealing with Russian consignments, the Russian Law specifically has restrictions for custom go ahead for foreign countries. That doesn’t mean that the services cannot be shipped or the business expansion cannot happen in Russia. It only means that the activity needs to be carried out by any entity that is legally liable to do so.

Procedures in DDP shipping

The Delivery Duty Paid service at NH logistics has several processes to follow for shipment. They are

  • With least cost and minimum transport the custom solutions are given
  • Choice of reliable companies including air or ground transport.
  • “Turn Key basis “ payment with the delivery organization

Services provided are:-

  • Acts as an shipper on behalf of a foreign company
  • Prepares procedural data for documentation of foreign goods
  • Engages in assessing the value of goods for custom control

With NH logistics the redundant cost involved with incompetent logistics and the hassles around the delivery can be easily avoided. Only professionals can certainly handle the complete development really well. So ensure that the DDP service is the one given only by the professional so that the shipment process is smooth and seamless.



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