Monday, February 18, 2019
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Despite the fact a considerable part of office work is now done online, most medium and small businesses spend a significant amount on stationery and office supplies. From buying ink and paper for the printers to getting special equipment like shredders and other regular stuff like pens, diaries and notebooks, the list is extensive to say the least. These are things that are required on a regular basis, so you cannot avoid those purchases. In this post, we bring 4 super smart ways to save money on office supplies.

  1. Go online. If you buy canon ink from, you will find that the website has some insane offers and discounts. It is a good idea to go online when it comes to regular purchases. Online stores have limited overheads and stock a wide range of products, so you can shop for everything at one place and at prices that are likely to be considerably lower than some of the traditional vendors.
  2. Buy in bulk. This comes as no surprise, because you can actually save a lot of money by buying office supplies in huge quantities. Online stores, and even regular suppliers, have amazing discounts, deals and offers on purchases over a certain limit, and if you are ordering on a monthly basis, you can even qualify for loyalty programs and special offers.
  3. Don’t stick to the same supplies list. Most managers have a standard list of office supplies that they need, and they usually buy all at once. Don’t make that mistake, because whatever you buy, there is a high chance that some of it is still lying in the warehouse. Before you place an order each month, check the inventory and make a new list of things that are genuine required.
  4. Save on shipping. For office supplies, some vendors and online stores do have shipping charges, and you can do your homework to find a service that helps you save on this. Make sure that you check the shipping details in advance, and yes, the shop or seller should accept returns on request. Many times, businesses spend more on supplies, simply because selected products couldn’t be returned.

Finally, for some of the items, such as paper and pens, you can go for generic brands instead of some of the known brands. That’s a great way to save considerable money, but ensure that you don’t compromise on things like ink and cartridges, which can impact your printers and respective office equipment.


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